Risq Protocol


Decentralized Risk and Asset Management

Introduction to Risq Protocol Options Desk

Risq Protocol is an on-chain options trading DEX and AMM on Binance Smart Chain. Later versions will be deployed to Ethereum and Polygon
You can buy call and put options as a holder (option buyer) or sell call and put options as a liquidity provider (option writer) on 14 different crypto markets in verion 1 of Option Desk.
Speculate or protect your crypto holdings against price dips with on-chain Call and Put options.
Some features:
  • Non-custodial 24/7 global options trading
  • Verified on-chain settlement of each option contract
  • Choose any strike price for Call / Put options on 14 different tokens
  • Exercise at any moment during the period of holding a contract
  • Exercising is guaranteed by the liquidity locked on an option contract
  • Censorship-resistant protocol without a KYC, email or registration required
  • Earn higher than average yields as a liquidity provider
  • Liquidity and risk diversification among all the contracts for options writers

Developer Resources

Risq Protocol Options Desk Product User Guides

How to
Product guides
Buy Options
Exercise Options
[Exercising your in the money options] (coming soon)
Sell Options
Exit a Liquidity Pool
[How to withdraw from the Liquidity Pools] (coming soon)
Stake RISQ
[How to stake your Risq Protocol to earn a share in Protocol Fees] (coming soon)

Complimentary Risq Protocol Products

Risq Protocol Hedge Funds

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Risq Protocol Channels

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